WillowMan Festival 2013

One year on… I was contacted by ‘Steve Williams’ Musician and the festival organizer of The WillowMan and Viking Valx Festival
to organised and decorate ‘The Willow Wobbly Stage’
One thing earned it is always lovely to be asked to come back and do it again i never do the same thing twice when the team do the set decor installation this year i have been working on ‘Coral sculptures’ inspired by watching David Attenborough. Truly inspirational documentary his wide knowledge and just years work of best footage in film history i just was citified by the reefs and I just took the basic forms of coral and made a load of abstract coral sculptures and coral fish.
Any way here some photo of my work and the amazing people who all pulled together for this festival many thanks to Steve Williams for the opportunity to work at the festival for 6 amazing days. X
willown 13 028
willown 13 029
willown 13 032
willown 13 070
willown 13 034
willown 13 044

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