Vigorously Thriving

                                                                         A life is A life.

A year behind you know that feeling when you sure you have done something but when you cheak ether you have forgot to press the push button or you accidentally deleted everything. It seems I’ve became rather forgetful in writing blog posts and updating everyone on my going on’s this is a kick up the bum to return to the internet and social media.


update last year I submitted an idea for a solo exhibition at The concept was inspired by the plant life cycle and growth being scientifically proven to grow to music.
Tenacious, relentless, fragile and vital. Plantlife and fungiare the lynchpins of life as we know it for the exhibition I attempted to represent a wide angle view of the essential cycle of growth, fruition and renewal through my sculptures, paintings and digital collages alongside three separate recored looped music.

                                               Vigorously Thriving solo exhibition at Palace Arts, Redcar. 

I been slowly updating my Etsy shop as this solo show was just a short two week exhibition wanted to make sure these print runs were available to buy.


                              Digital prints on recycled matt card 300gms on Etsy.
I been working on a submission for for ‘Untitled 10’ An open call commission for new work at The Bowes Museum.
                                                       The Bowes Museum ‘Untitled 10’
I went along to an information day for potential applicants on Tuesday 19th March and meet up with the director Matthew Read. It was such a pleasant afternoon revisiting the Bowes and getting all the intel of The history and passion passed on from John and Josephine Bowes to the founders and current exhibitions keeping it all going to show everyone the appreciation of the Arts at its best. I will keep you [posted on if any success].


Throw Light On

It has been a while since my last post of taking a plunge building a website and applying for new commissioned artworks and collaborations. Recently I applied to to work and collaborate with  umbrella project for Lumiere Festival in Durham 18-21 November
Let me just say it was brilliant! a worth while experience meeting new people collaborating with communities and being part of  Cirque Bijou not many people can say they danced down North Road with a l.e.d umbrella. :PHOTO CREDIT: NIC KANE.                             A few weeks before I applied for some of my Textiles products to sell in Hartlepool Gallery where I had that degree show many moons ago… They shown Interest which meant I had a full week on my sewing machine that I have just fixed myself thats another long story.
 Have you visiting my THC family? I made it up 2 weeks ago to stock up on my new lampshades checking on everything and as always a worm welcome with coffee it reminds me I have to drive to Crook to put up my framed piece its nice to play shop keeper the shop keeps going strength to strength.   In-between being a hermit sewing and applying I visited The Contemporary craft tour Luminosity, the 2017 craft tour celebrates LIGHT with an illuminating exhibition of contemporary works by UK and International artists including glass, sculptural textiles, film, electronics, jewellery and neon. Sandra Balmer Kiln-formed & Fused glass, Evagelia Hagikalfa Light Boxes, Heather Gillespie Glass Engraving, Jan Hopkins Mixed Media Installation Statira Jazayeri Sculptural Textiles, Jason Taylor Light Objects Stuart Langley Neon.     I fell in love with Statira Jazayeri Sculptural Textiles tightly woven magic that fold and bend I could play with this pieces all day.                                                                                                 Stuart Langley  Neon meets metal very satisfying and powerful piece, Brilliant exhibition.    

Making a plunge

alluding to diving in a body of water designing a new website to hopefully embark on producing new artworks to establish new networks and engage with more opportunities and mostly there is plenty of online space not like at home.                                                                                                                   As a commissioned based Artist that has been responding  to open calls there are many things I would like to share and many projects that are not excepted but have great potential this gives me a kick up the backside to create a new site I need to make a push button ”someone may like/back this idea”   Anyway those who are interested in viewing my new site It’s a start in the right direction I know I got a lot of work to do on it also the Textiles & Surfaces space is not available yet that be put on hold until after the Holidays please feel free to send me some feedback would be gratefully appreciated.This is one of my recent idea’s I had that involves locality and the migration of rare seabirds that come and nest, breed and feed only for a short period of time on our local beach at Crimdon.

Shining Lights and Open Calls

After the success of Nightfall I started looking into Open Calls for Exhibitions think it’s the right thing to do so been busy writing, planning and even sent off for three open calls this month.  One is already happening a exhibition at Spectrum at Seaham industrial estate started with an open call the general theme is quite open and is ‘music’ and were looking for a diverse range of works in style and medium and were happy to take submissions from all art forms.I submitted LIFE ON MARS project inspired by revelatory modern N.A.S.A images of Mars’ surfaces, the 40th anniversary of the first soft landing on Mars and the peculiar natural beauty of where I lives, I created my own interpretation of the Martian landscape, realized using a mixture of digital collage and textile printing. The backing music is ‘Go Roll One (Spaced Mix)’ by Spooky Mushroom and was made by her partner using the recordings of various NASA missions which were released to the public via a few years back. would love to extend LIFE ON MARS after seeing it in a different space ideas kept popping up now I would love to make a Mars tunnel that people could walk though even thought how I could make it… Any way exhibition open for two weeks all is welcome
Applying for Brilliant Lumiere Now can’t tell you much about what my idea is until I received information or conformation from Artichoke but can tell you BRILLIANT is a competition where anyone originally from, or currently living in the North East can apply with an idea for a light installation at Lumiere Durham 2017. The idea this time of keeping it simple my proposal is a connection to a place and something that happens every year with the possibility of light. Past BRILLIANT winners have taken every day objects as their inspiration. Do you work with something already that could be transformed with light.The first application itself is easy to follow plus this is my third time filling one out just your idea but in a busy street in durham so location is key as well as thinking of your audiences along a specific route now just waiting to see if they like the idea and then Stage two. I got home yesterday after doing my 2-4 shift in the gallery email was waiting i plucked up the courage to open it and it was a email before the email my heart skipped a beat just saying they have a huge amount of entrees so have to wait Monday 27 March….””,,,,Fingers Crossed….”””,,,,

NightFall Stargazer

bhall&marsHey its been a long while I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time now, but have some new things to be sharing…
I been looking out for new adventures in the Art world and I have found a few things of interest so started to applied for them,  One of which is happing this Friday 14 October NightFall Stargazer Tents to be held at Centre Square next to ‘Mima’ Middlesborough institute of modern art all started with a open call by Navigator North and partners Stellar Projects were looking for five emerging artists, living or working in Teesside and County Durham. Selected artists will create site specific installations as content for a series of Stargazing Tents – this will be a cluster of tents in which will be accessible to the public as part of the Nightfall event on Friday 14th October.
After sending an application and c.v I received a lovely phone call with a congratulations you successfully received a place for NighFall the commission with a bursary budget, NightFall’s brief was to based around the Zodiac constellations, space and the night chosen subject and title LIFE ON MARS.
Heavily inspired by NASA (MRO) data of images of Mars’ surfaces, maps and field recordings alongside my own photographs of Blackhall beach with its rustic rocks and yellow pools. I plan to design and make a mixture of textile pieces including hangings, organic type sculptures inspired by the patterns, textures and features on Mars. The artwork will be a mixture of techniques using abstract painting, screen and digital printing and fabric manipulation to create miniature landscape forms.
life on mars
Most of my Artworks involve fluorescent colours to varying degrees and UV black lights. Alongside working with new to me light sources fibre optic and EL wire incorporated into a fabric landscape inspired by thee Martin landscape red vs bluemars-texture
I would like to involve sound. NASA have also released recordings from space for public use that will be used by my partner in producing some ambient soundscapes here some of his tunes
Depending on good weather, audiences be able to step into and through the tent. The artwork will be divided into two separate sections with a path cutting through wish me luck.

Collaborating, Consistency & Co-op

bhall coopBeen meaning to write this post for a while I’ve been side tracked days turn into weeks and well the weeks fly past like a bird of pray finding its first kill before you know it it’s all over. Anyway this year I have been keeping myself busy trying to concentrate more on creative things, things that I can do and trying my damm hardest not to be to precious about it, (for me this is extremely hard) as an artist you always want to improve, add details keep working on a piece so sometimes it’s best to go on a long walk not think about it.bhall sap- coopNicest thing about living here is it’s short distance to a different worlds lots of places to walk surrounded by Castle Eden Dene and the beach, this is a path between the rail line and cliff tops fenced off on both sides there’s lots of  fern trees that look they’ve had a drink fern trees have shallow roots and the soil here is not so good we had some wild and wet days mind.fifth of a flockCollaborating at the beginning of January I joined Hartlepool Art Club there’s nothing like doing something you love and starting a new year with painting and sharing with others is a nice way to start collaborating with creatives also the weather is still wet and miserable rainy days are the best days to paint. Although…I just join the club in January the artist directors had already arranged an exhibition at Richmond Station in March so gave me the push do something for that, I managed to paint a 40×40 acrylic painting on canvas within 3 weeks I submitted 2 paintings for the exhibition took loads of photos then deleted them without having anything to show you. (DOHH) check out Hartlepool Richmond Station 5th March- 28th March coopConsistency last few weeks between mothering and painting photoshop has been slowly creeping back into my life as screen printing is difficult, digital printing is a option after some research and ordering some samples from British and American companies finding a happy medium is my goal finding a printer has proven to make me produce more and to control pattern cutting stretching out as much as i can only using a meter.artboxCo-op so my plan make what I could and put it on Etsy but one of my long time friends Diane Beadle has decided to open ArtBox Gallery hosting a verity of different local artists, makers, designers, dress makers and goldsmiths I be working shifts in there time to time lets hope it grows Please cheek out ArtBox Gallery on Burntree lane Darlington

Short but Sweet.

WinterFest 1It’s crazy how life has just passes you by, this year where has it gone??? looking at my last post “Slow Life” I stared the year late and it just got caught up somewhere? maybe I should look behind the couch for it?enchanted parks1This time last year I was lucky enough to collaborated with Mick Stephenson for Enchanted Parks 2014 and this year was asked back to Saltwell Enchanted Parks 2015  Alice in Wonderland theme , Alice is now all grown up and 20 years of age but can imagine, in her uncontrolled world it’s taken her 150 years to arrive.chantalpowellNow Alice, faces many things in this dream like world finds open curtains, Garden of Fire, Ticking clocks going Tick Tock,wobbleclock familiar coloured red Letterbox that speaks documenting my thoughts did I say that out loud?  Enchanted postboxthen around the corner Alice heard the sounds of a party, not sure whether they were coming from before or After Wonderland arriving at Alice’s Night Club…  Mick Stephenson collaborated piece from recycled materials re -used art pieces and fabric sculpures . http://www.mickstephenson.netNight club 1

Night club2

winterfest 4open

winterfest 5Alice wondered how long she had really been in this Enchanted Park as the last figure stands alone is that Alice?IMG_4926One thing is for sure working with Mick on this project has been a great pleasure watching him transform recyled plastic bottles into such fantastic lights works is amazing and to re-use his artwork shows that fact there are more ways to use one thing thank you Mick & Crew for sharing the experience maybe next year we can see it.

Slow Life

IMG_2910Deep Hibernation has took an awful long time to get out of this year althoght I feel the longer I don’t start something the more distant things become. Normaly January- February is quite productive with landscape pantings to keep my hand in… but I bought a new couch finally after been sitting on an box of cloth this is what would explain Deep Hibernation not use to comfort.
After November sucsess it should’nt be so hard to push myself doing something productive but where to start… I thought i would visit CCAD and re-new my library admission got totally destracted by an exquisite exhibition by Michelle Castles.IMG_2877 Michelle has exhibited her wire mesh sculptures across the UK. She has worked on both public and private commissions including wire garden sculptures for the Chelsea Flower Show and sports sculptures for the Inspire Exhibition that currantly in Hartlepool here a link to her site worth a look’s always a wonderful uplifing feeling when you see somethink different in gallerys especially something of this scale and theatrical set up it gives hope for more…
I also have found wire an amazing material for working with, my last commissioned project Homecoming making specimans for Enchanted parks using wire as a frame/skelton then creating pattern for a shell. I learned a lot from this process and wanted to use this method again but for what?enchanted parks11A small trip to Tweddle farm made me fall in love with birds again, although there were plenty other animals from baby calfs, lambs, goats, alpacca, donkeys but…Birds have always came back in forth in my work the same way insects have some of my internet friends are enjoying my instgram prosess of creating this wired bird sculpture and a slow start to design and make fabrics to cover it. The slow life of creating things with no deadline or lack of space the Art work becomes a long loved project more love and thought goes into it but will anyone notice?????follow me on Instagram

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enchanted parks1My life has been pritty busy in the last few month… At last there was some luck in the air so I grab hold of it.  I got a phone call from Mick Stephenson, Mick is a Light-Artist I meet during Durham Lumiere Festival in 2011 and again in 2013 with Liter of light, Mick has also done work at the Freedom Festival in Hull recently this year.
Anyway a few month ago I got a phone call saying I am building a Rocket for a family light festival called Enchanted Parks in Saltwell Park in Gateshead. I really like your UV work would you like to get together for a collaboration? From that moment I knew this would be an great experience and a wonderful adventure…
The story attached to this festival is quite beautiful its about a little girl called ‘Estella’ Over 150 years ago there was a girl who lived in Saltwell Towers and dreamed of flying to the stars. I clearly remember my meeting with Mick in a coffee shop in Durham scribbling ideas down on lose pieces of paper and napkins and using plates, coffee cups and spoons as props just playing about with ideas and placement as we got to be the end of the story with such a perfect place to do it in. IMG_2531 I never been to Saltwell Park so me and the family went… what a lovely place great for the kids and the Towers has a nice cafe to have a hot sandwich and coffee in, if you haven’t been its a must go… Any way after a few meeting and a lot of hard work it was time to put the show together on Friday 5th December and I came up on Sunday 9th December. As you can see from the photograph this Rocket is bigger then a coffee cup.                      Lots of work and late nights went into building this, Mick wanted this to be believable keeping referring and adding to the story of Estella building a Rocket ship to see the stars,solar systems and the galaxy collecting things as she went on her magical journey then eventually she crashed landing back at Saltwell Towers. This is it she come home!!! completely believable and you could practically live in this Rocket, this was the first test on Wednesday before opening.IMG_1971My part of the collaboration to create collections of specimens what Estella picked up during her journey, I designed an Idea of 3 containers with uv lights inside that Mick made for me these are for Estella collection each box was different . * First box was her Floral Box, she collected all kinds of floral and furn… * Second box were alien fish and corals that are naturally uv swimming in their fish tank home from home. * Third box is a larger box contains alien creatures. Estella took care of her collections by keeping them alive with them warm and plenty of light…enchanted parks3

enchanted parks5

enchanted parks glowThis was a completely new kind of work for me using new materials such as lino and chicken wire more then a few late nights but enjoyed every single moment ALL IN ALL Enchanted park was a smashing success we sold out having around 400 people each night  for 5 days everyone was happy all family’s were completely overwhelmed and made local press would like to thank everyone involved Dianne, Gaz, David, Sean, Katie, Cassie and Mick who make this all happen well done…