About Me

Caroline Devine is an artist with many different diversity’s and subject matters she practices all kinds of Art work from Drawing, Painting, Printing, Craft, Knitting, 3d Sculptures and installations.

Caroline studied Fine Art 2001 until 2005 at East Durham and Houghall community collage leaving with a triple distinction in fine art and also the Winner of  Durham Awards 2005 for a series of landscape paintings! Followed by studying for a degree in Textiles and Surface Design in 2005 until 2009 at Cleveland College of Art and Design Hartlepool, she graduated in November 2009 with a (BA Honers) in Textiles & Surface Design.

Collaborations past and present!

SPOOKY MUSHROOM MUSIC & DECORATION INSTALLATION 2000/2014                                                                                                   Crew has been united for a several years now creating both ‘MUSIC AND ART COLLABORATION’ * Music producing music and mixing other styles along side their own music styles from Drum & Bass, Dub Step, Jungle, Jump-Up, Electric styles ‘ART’ ultraviolet decorations  for exhibitions, parties & events around the north-east area! Working as a team of artist we all chipped in an created a load of painted art hanging’s, sculptured vine flowers, banner design’s over the past few years.

The only thing of working for other organizers and local events most of our work has been stolen or damage throughout the years so I have took action and re-thought out our idea & services anybody hoping to hire our service has to pay prices agreed for hire & set up and loss or damage will no longer be tolerated. Decoration hire themed nights, fireproofing goods, ulter vilotte lights, crew put up and take down. Founder JAMES KING & MARK BENTLEY, CAROLINE DEVINE, ROSS STAFFORD, HEATHER KING, LANK, LEE DEVINE, DIANNE

Caroline is  currently working on her own textile’s & art work using different mediums so the work is so diverse these day one extreme to the next her passion to push herself as a up coming Artist on new projects.

She is also a full time mother with two kids a boy ‘Curt’ age 10 and a girl ‘Maya’ age 7 who also keeps her busy and she encourage them to be creative in every way.

Since leaving university it has give Caroline the opportunity of  having some time to extend talents without the tension pressure and stress also to spend more time with family.

collaborative Empty Shop and The Freebirds

Few years ago Caroline has made some personal progress and found a shared art studio at Empty Shop in Durham. Empty Shop is a non profit organisation that takes an empty space and give people a chance to exhibit art and activity’s for all to come and use the space for a number of opitunitys if your an artist or not. Empty Shop have a headquarters also with available  studio spaces and gallery the studio group within empty shop are known as ‘The FreeBirds’ full of artist, ceramics, photographers Empty shop is in Durham town center itself above the ciao ciao bakery in the gate shopping center with beautiful view Durham’s famous cathedral


Empty Shop Durham- Hung up by string- November 2011


The Holy Biscuit Newcastle- 2nd Annual Advent and adventure- December 2012

WillowMan Festival -June 2013

Willowman Festival- June 2012

Empty Shop 4th Annual Event- The FreeBirds Open Studio- January 2011

Bishop Auckland Town Hall- The Freebirds’ Apathy in the UK,- February 2011

The Holy Biscuit Newcastle, The Designers Marketplace- June 2011

Tyneside Cinema Newcastle- August 2011

Designers Market Place Middlesbrough Town Hall- JULY 2011

SEISMIC FORCE 10 (Commission) for DECOR INSTALLATION at Newcastle University- before closing, October 2010

SEISMIC FORCE 10 (Commission) for DECOR INSTALLATION at Newcastle University- February 2010

Hartlepool Church, Art club & Christmas Crafts, November 2010

Middlesbrough Town Hall, The Designers Marketplace, November 2009

Thimbleberry Festival- June & September 2009

Hartlepool Church, Degree Show, June 2009

Indigo Paris international trade show- September 2008

Hartlepool International Business Center- August 2008

Thimbleberry Festival- June & September 2008

Thimbleberry Festival- June & September 2007

The Bowes Museum- November  2007

Thimbleberry Festival- June & September 2006

Thimbleberry Festival- June & September 2005

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