Spooky Mushroom

Crew has been united for a several years now creating both ‘MUSIC AND ART COLLABORATION’ * Music producing music and mixing other styles along side their own music styles from Drum & Bass, Dub Step, Jungle, Jump-Up, Electric styles ‘ART’ ultraviolet decorations for exhibitions, parties & events around the north-east area! Working as a team of artist we all chipped in an created a load of painted art hanging’s, sculptured vine flowers, banner design’s over the past few years.
spookymushroom 14c7d
profile decor
hannings heth 2
loving bugs
HUBS 357
carol willowman 093

One thought on “Spooky Mushroom

  1. lauranorfolk347Laura Norfolk says:

    Hi Cazz,

    I am loving your blog and all your work you have got so much talent and come along way from our uni days its nice to see you are keeping up the good hard work by all your amazing projects and exhibitions I love all the posts and photos you have put up on here! I find it really interesting and exciting to see I also like your pintress ideas too you have really inspired me!

    I haven’t done any art work in ages I have been a bit distracted with work and organizing our wedding but with the bank holiday coming up I will defiantly finish some of my projects that I have started for Example: I have a 1 year old acrylic canvas painting that I started inspired by a Holiday I had in Ibiza and its still sitting in our cupboard unfinished I will defiantly dig that out and make another start on this.

    Thanks to your fantastic blog inspiring me with creative ideas I also really need to update my blog too. speak to you soon keep in touch
    Love your old uni CCAD Screen Printing Mate Laura Norfolk xx:)


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