Vigorously Thriving

                                                                         A life is A life.

A year behind you know that feeling when you sure you have done something but when you cheak ether you have forgot to press the push button or you accidentally deleted everything. It seems I’ve became rather forgetful in writing blog posts and updating everyone on my going on’s this is a kick up the bum to return to the internet and social media.


update last year I submitted an idea for a solo exhibition at The concept was inspired by the plant life cycle and growth being scientifically proven to grow to music.
Tenacious, relentless, fragile and vital. Plantlife and fungiare the lynchpins of life as we know it for the exhibition I attempted to represent a wide angle view of the essential cycle of growth, fruition and renewal through my sculptures, paintings and digital collages alongside three separate recored looped music.

                                               Vigorously Thriving solo exhibition at Palace Arts, Redcar. 

I been slowly updating my Etsy shop as this solo show was just a short two week exhibition wanted to make sure these print runs were available to buy.


                              Digital prints on recycled matt card 300gms on Etsy.
I been working on a submission for for ‘Untitled 10’ An open call commission for new work at The Bowes Museum.
                                                       The Bowes Museum ‘Untitled 10’
I went along to an information day for potential applicants on Tuesday 19th March and meet up with the director Matthew Read. It was such a pleasant afternoon revisiting the Bowes and getting all the intel of The history and passion passed on from John and Josephine Bowes to the founders and current exhibitions keeping it all going to show everyone the appreciation of the Arts at its best. I will keep you [posted on if any success].


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