Throw Light On

It has been a while since my last post of taking a plunge building a website and applying for new commissioned artworks and collaborations. Recently I applied to to work and collaborate with  umbrella project for Lumiere Festival in Durham 18-21 November
Let me just say it was brilliant! a worth while experience meeting new people collaborating with communities and being part of  Cirque Bijou not many people can say they danced down North Road with a l.e.d umbrella. :PHOTO CREDIT: NIC KANE.                             A few weeks before I applied for some of my Textiles products to sell in Hartlepool Gallery where I had that degree show many moons ago… They shown Interest which meant I had a full week on my sewing machine that I have just fixed myself thats another long story.
 Have you visiting my THC family? I made it up 2 weeks ago to stock up on my new lampshades checking on everything and as always a worm welcome with coffee it reminds me I have to drive to Crook to put up my framed piece its nice to play shop keeper the shop keeps going strength to strength.   In-between being a hermit sewing and applying I visited The Contemporary craft tour Luminosity, the 2017 craft tour celebrates LIGHT with an illuminating exhibition of contemporary works by UK and International artists including glass, sculptural textiles, film, electronics, jewellery and neon. Sandra Balmer Kiln-formed & Fused glass, Evagelia Hagikalfa Light Boxes, Heather Gillespie Glass Engraving, Jan Hopkins Mixed Media Installation Statira Jazayeri Sculptural Textiles, Jason Taylor Light Objects Stuart Langley Neon.     I fell in love with Statira Jazayeri Sculptural Textiles tightly woven magic that fold and bend I could play with this pieces all day.                                                                                                 Stuart Langley  Neon meets metal very satisfying and powerful piece, Brilliant exhibition.    

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