Making a plunge

alluding to diving in a body of water designing a new website to hopefully embark on producing new artworks to establish new networks and engage with more opportunities and mostly there is plenty of online space not like at home.                                                                                                                   As a commissioned based Artist that has been responding  to open calls there are many things I would like to share and many projects that are not excepted but have great potential this gives me a kick up the backside to create a new site I need to make a push button ”someone may like/back this idea”   Anyway those who are interested in viewing my new site It’s a start in the right direction I know I got a lot of work to do on it also the Textiles & Surfaces space is not available yet that be put on hold until after the Holidays please feel free to send me some feedback would be gratefully appreciated.This is one of my recent idea’s I had that involves locality and the migration of rare seabirds that come and nest, breed and feed only for a short period of time on our local beach at Crimdon.

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