Shining Lights and Open Calls

After the success of Nightfall I started looking into Open Calls for Exhibitions think it’s the right thing to do so been busy writing, planning and even sent off for three open calls this month.  One is already happening a exhibition at Spectrum at Seaham industrial estate started with an open call the general theme is quite open and is ‘music’ and were looking for a diverse range of works in style and medium and were happy to take submissions from all art forms.I submitted LIFE ON MARS project inspired by revelatory modern N.A.S.A images of Mars’ surfaces, the 40th anniversary of the first soft landing on Mars and the peculiar natural beauty of where I lives, I created my own interpretation of the Martian landscape, realized using a mixture of digital collage and textile printing. The backing music is ‘Go Roll One (Spaced Mix)’ by Spooky Mushroom and was made by her partner using the recordings of various NASA missions which were released to the public via a few years back. would love to extend LIFE ON MARS after seeing it in a different space ideas kept popping up now I would love to make a Mars tunnel that people could walk though even thought how I could make it… Any way exhibition open for two weeks all is welcome
Applying for Brilliant Lumiere Now can’t tell you much about what my idea is until I received information or conformation from Artichoke but can tell you BRILLIANT is a competition where anyone originally from, or currently living in the North East can apply with an idea for a light installation at Lumiere Durham 2017. The idea this time of keeping it simple my proposal is a connection to a place and something that happens every year with the possibility of light. Past BRILLIANT winners have taken every day objects as their inspiration. Do you work with something already that could be transformed with light.The first application itself is easy to follow plus this is my third time filling one out just your idea but in a busy street in durham so location is key as well as thinking of your audiences along a specific route now just waiting to see if they like the idea and then Stage two. I got home yesterday after doing my 2-4 shift in the gallery email was waiting i plucked up the courage to open it and it was a email before the email my heart skipped a beat just saying they have a huge amount of entrees so have to wait Monday 27 March….””,,,,Fingers Crossed….”””,,,,

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