NightFall Stargazer

bhall&marsHey its been a long while I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time now, but have some new things to be sharing…
I been looking out for new adventures in the Art world and I have found a few things of interest so started to applied for them,  One of which is happing this Friday 14 October NightFall Stargazer Tents to be held at Centre Square next to ‘Mima’ Middlesborough institute of modern art all started with a open call by Navigator North and partners Stellar Projects were looking for five emerging artists, living or working in Teesside and County Durham. Selected artists will create site specific installations as content for a series of Stargazing Tents – this will be a cluster of tents in which will be accessible to the public as part of the Nightfall event on Friday 14th October.
After sending an application and c.v I received a lovely phone call with a congratulations you successfully received a place for NighFall the commission with a bursary budget, NightFall’s brief was to based around the Zodiac constellations, space and the night chosen subject and title LIFE ON MARS.
Heavily inspired by NASA (MRO) data of images of Mars’ surfaces, maps and field recordings alongside my own photographs of Blackhall beach with its rustic rocks and yellow pools. I plan to design and make a mixture of textile pieces including hangings, organic type sculptures inspired by the patterns, textures and features on Mars. The artwork will be a mixture of techniques using abstract painting, screen and digital printing and fabric manipulation to create miniature landscape forms.
life on mars
Most of my Artworks involve fluorescent colours to varying degrees and UV black lights. Alongside working with new to me light sources fibre optic and EL wire incorporated into a fabric landscape inspired by thee Martin landscape red vs bluemars-texture
I would like to involve sound. NASA have also released recordings from space for public use that will be used by my partner in producing some ambient soundscapes here some of his tunes
Depending on good weather, audiences be able to step into and through the tent. The artwork will be divided into two separate sections with a path cutting through wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “NightFall Stargazer

  1. carolinedevine says:

    Thanks Lorraine
    Been working my socks off on this one,
    all new work from 3 meter length prints to fabric landscapes madness
    be great if you can make it i be photo documenting this so if you can’t make it be posting final results on here sometime after. xxx


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