Collaborating, Consistency & Co-op

bhall coopBeen meaning to write this post for a while I’ve been side tracked days turn into weeks and well the weeks fly past like a bird of pray finding its first kill before you know it it’s all over. Anyway this year I have been keeping myself busy trying to concentrate more on creative things, things that I can do and trying my damm hardest not to be to precious about it, (for me this is extremely hard) as an artist you always want to improve, add details keep working on a piece so sometimes it’s best to go on a long walk not think about it.bhall sap- coopNicest thing about living here is it’s short distance to a different worlds lots of places to walk surrounded by Castle Eden Dene and the beach, this is a path between the rail line and cliff tops fenced off on both sides there’s lots of  fern trees that look they’ve had a drink fern trees have shallow roots and the soil here is not so good we had some wild and wet days mind.fifth of a flockCollaborating at the beginning of January I joined Hartlepool Art Club there’s nothing like doing something you love and starting a new year with painting and sharing with others is a nice way to start collaborating with creatives also the weather is still wet and miserable rainy days are the best days to paint. Although…I just join the club in January the artist directors had already arranged an exhibition at Richmond Station in March so gave me the push do something for that, I managed to paint a 40×40 acrylic painting on canvas within 3 weeks I submitted 2 paintings for the exhibition took loads of photos then deleted them without having anything to show you. (DOHH) check out Hartlepool Richmond Station 5th March- 28th March coopConsistency last few weeks between mothering and painting photoshop has been slowly creeping back into my life as screen printing is difficult, digital printing is a option after some research and ordering some samples from British and American companies finding a happy medium is my goal finding a printer has proven to make me produce more and to control pattern cutting stretching out as much as i can only using a meter.artboxCo-op so my plan make what I could and put it on Etsy but one of my long time friends Diane Beadle has decided to open ArtBox Gallery hosting a verity of different local artists, makers, designers, dress makers and goldsmiths I be working shifts in there time to time lets hope it grows Please cheek out ArtBox Gallery on Burntree lane Darlington

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