Short but Sweet.

WinterFest 1It’s crazy how life has just passes you by, this year where has it gone??? looking at my last post “Slow Life” I stared the year late and it just got caught up somewhere? maybe I should look behind the couch for it?enchanted parks1This time last year I was lucky enough to collaborated with Mick Stephenson for Enchanted Parks 2014 and this year was asked back to Saltwell Enchanted Parks 2015  Alice in Wonderland theme , Alice is now all grown up and 20 years of age but can imagine, in her uncontrolled world it’s taken her 150 years to arrive.chantalpowellNow Alice, faces many things in this dream like world finds open curtains, Garden of Fire, Ticking clocks going Tick Tock,wobbleclock familiar coloured red Letterbox that speaks documenting my thoughts did I say that out loud?  Enchanted postboxthen around the corner Alice heard the sounds of a party, not sure whether they were coming from before or After Wonderland arriving at Alice’s Night Club…  Mick Stephenson collaborated piece from recycled materials re -used art pieces and fabric sculpures . http://www.mickstephenson.netNight club 1

Night club2

winterfest 4open

winterfest 5Alice wondered how long she had really been in this Enchanted Park as the last figure stands alone is that Alice?IMG_4926One thing is for sure working with Mick on this project has been a great pleasure watching him transform recyled plastic bottles into such fantastic lights works is amazing and to re-use his artwork shows that fact there are more ways to use one thing thank you Mick & Crew for sharing the experience maybe next year we can see it.

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