Slow Life

IMG_2910Deep Hibernation has took an awful long time to get out of this year althoght I feel the longer I don’t start something the more distant things become. Normaly January- February is quite productive with landscape pantings to keep my hand in… but I bought a new couch finally after been sitting on an box of cloth this is what would explain Deep Hibernation not use to comfort.
After November sucsess it should’nt be so hard to push myself doing something productive but where to start… I thought i would visit CCAD and re-new my library admission got totally destracted by an exquisite exhibition by Michelle Castles.IMG_2877 Michelle has exhibited her wire mesh sculptures across the UK. She has worked on both public and private commissions including wire garden sculptures for the Chelsea Flower Show and sports sculptures for the Inspire Exhibition that currantly in Hartlepool here a link to her site worth a look’s always a wonderful uplifing feeling when you see somethink different in gallerys especially something of this scale and theatrical set up it gives hope for more…
I also have found wire an amazing material for working with, my last commissioned project Homecoming making specimans for Enchanted parks using wire as a frame/skelton then creating pattern for a shell. I learned a lot from this process and wanted to use this method again but for what?enchanted parks11A small trip to Tweddle farm made me fall in love with birds again, although there were plenty other animals from baby calfs, lambs, goats, alpacca, donkeys but…Birds have always came back in forth in my work the same way insects have some of my internet friends are enjoying my instgram prosess of creating this wired bird sculpture and a slow start to design and make fabrics to cover it. The slow life of creating things with no deadline or lack of space the Art work becomes a long loved project more love and thought goes into it but will anyone notice?????follow me on Instagram

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3 thoughts on “Slow Life

  1. carolinedevine says:

    thanks, i thought it was only me that way in slow hibernation alothough now the weather now glorious ive been out in the gardern creating as it wont last for long.
    I going to see if i can exhibit the finish results so hoping to finish some details off soon and start contacting gallerys…


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